Snow Melting Up High

On June 3, 2013 by hiker

telluride hiking A beautiful Sunday hike to the Sheridan Crosscut—the trail is free of snow to the mine, but beyond mine there are patches in the trees that still need to melt. It was a little tricky to navigate the snow patches, but we found our way to the Valley View, where the cabin that is in the book has completely collapsed. There is just rubble there now. That is a common destiny, I suppose, for all mining structures!

I would expect the snow to melt within the next ten days…it should be good hiking after that. This is an adventure hike, though, and the route is pretty hard to find even when there is not snow, so you need to be mindful of where you are going and what the directions in the book say.

Happy hiking!

—Susan & Bill Kees