Owl Gulch is a Secluded Hideaway

On June 18, 2013 by hiker

telluride hikingWe’re in our 70s now, and like everyone else, we are feeling the effects of the sun on our skin. There’s a skin cancer prevention treatment called effudex, which peels off the damaged uppermost layers of skin, but it is painful to be in the sun. And if there’s one thing that June has in Telluride, it’s sun. We still wanted to hike, so we decided to find a trail with some shade.

We opted for an early morning walk up Owl Gulch from east to west so we wouldn’t be in the direct sun.  Once you reach the Tomboy Road Trailhead, the  10-minute shady walk through the trees crosses the dry creekbed, goes up and then levels out with views of the ski area, Lone Cone, and the Wilsons.  Your back is to the sun on this route.  I recommend going early to avoid the flies and the heat of the day.  This is a local treasure, sometimes called the “Local’s Wiebe,” where you may not see another soul. I love the solitude and the elk and bear markings on the trees in this hike.