Hawn Mountain Trail Improvements

On June 18, 2013 by hiker

telluride hikingMy first hike on the Hawn Mountain Trail this year was a delightful surprise. Much easier to find my way, with all the new cairns and trail improvements. After you amble up the trail and cross the creek, stay right in the opening beyond the scree, where there is a jumble of downed trees. Veer right to find the trail, which is distinctly marked. I once had a desperate call from a lost hiker on the ridge—he was afraid of heights. I realized on this hike that what I should have told him was to stay on the ridge until you reach its point, and there are some rock chairs made for viewing. It’s from there that you go to the right and encounter the rock stairway, flat rocks that have been laid on the trail fro traversing across the scree.

The 270° views are spectacular from the south end of the ridge. Happy hiking!