Getting High on Ingram Peak

On July 10, 2013 by hiker

I couldn’t wait to get up  in the high country after three summers of broken bones. Finding the trail into Grays Basin from Bridal Veil wasn’t as obvious as when the single standing dead tree across the creek stood tall.  Now, I just look across the creek at the grassy terraces and walk no further than the uphill end before looking for the trail on the left.  What a pleasure to wind through the brush and trees and to look across at Silver Lake and into Jackass Basin on the final traverse that takes you to the creekbed below the wooden tram tower.  We walked through head and shoulder high flowers, winding up beneath the Mayflower Mine structure.  Listening to the water gurgle and meander through the meadow is heart lifting.

You can go back down the same way you came up or take the traverse across to Mud and Blue lakes.  I wanted to get into Ingram Basin, so we hiked up the peak and dropped down the ridge toward town where we waited to watch 4th of July planes circling above and getting ready for the buzz above main street to set off the parade.

As we found the traverse into Ingram Basin, we dropped into a wildflower wonderland with blossoms at their peak, neck- and shoulder-Telluride Ingram Basin, Black Bear Roadhigh, cascading creeks, ponds, and thick brush.  Check directions in the book for this part of the hike, as the point is to make it up to Black Bear Road with as few scratches and trampled flowers as possible.