Baby On Board: Waterline Trail to Eider Creek

On June 29, 2011 by hiker

hiking in telluride with baby

I remember being pregnant and thinking how great it was going to be to hike without the extra 25 pounds. I should have known better—I’m still lugging around a couple dozen pounds, only now it’s on my back, in a baby carrier.

And while it may be more ergonomic to carry something on your back than in your belly, last summer I never needed to worry about hysterical crying, sunblock with spf 50 or diapers. Nor did I need to think about how long a hike might take.

This summer, I have to factor in all these things, but luckily my mother-in-law is Susan Kees, the author of Telluride Hiking Guide. I knew she’d have the perfect 3-hour loop for me, and she did: Waterline Trail to Deep Creek to Eider Creek.

The loop—I parked at the bottom of Eider—was fairly long and steep but not so demanding that I’d cramp up or start chomping on the Annie’s cheddar bunnies I’d brought for the baby. wilson peak viewed from telluride hiking trail deep creek

Even if you’re not bogged down with a baby carrier, you might be constrained by time—and if so, this is a great loop and a chance to get high up in the mountains and get a good workout and still be back down in a few hours. I parked at the bottom of Eider Creek, which is on the Waterline/Mill Creek road, just at the bottom of the first switchback. I walked up the road to the Deep Creek trail and followed it until it forked into the Sneffels Highline Trail and the Eider Creek Trail. It was all downhill from there.