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Snow is Clear and Hiking Season is On!

In spring, there’s always a lot of snow clinging around in the...

06th Jun

Getting High on Ingram Peak

I couldn't wait to get up in the high country after three summers of broken bones.

10th Jul
Telluride Ingram Basin, Black Bear Road

Lake Hope (or Hope Lake): 40 Years Later

It was our 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday, and had the trail all to ourselves.

01st Jul
telluride hiking guide

Owl Gulch is a Secluded Hideaway

Owl Gulch is a great trail where you can find some shade and stay out of the sun.

18th Jun
telluride hiking

Hawn Mountain Trail Improvements

My first hike on the Hawn Mountain Trail this year was a...

18th Jun
telluride hiking

Snow Melting Up High

A beautiful Sunday hike to the Sheridan Crosscut.

03rd Jun
telluride hiking

Stop and Smell Telluride’s Flowers

Thanks to an unusually warm and dry spring, the wildflowers are already shoulder high.

03rd Jul
telluride hiking trails

Telluride Peak Traverse: Don’t Look Down

Don’t look down, I reminded myself. I could feel my breathing get...

09th Jul

Baby On Board: Waterline Trail to Eider Creek

I remember being pregnant and thinking how great it was going to...

29th Jun
hiking in telluride with baby

Crystal Lake: A Quick Summer Escape

Telluride Hiking Guide author Susan Kees shares one of her favorite lunchtime hikes: Crystal Lake, at the top of Ophir Pass.

28th Jul
Hiking Telluride Crystal Lake Ophir Colorado